Rabaconda Pro Tyre Lever Set

New Rabaconda Pro Tyre Lever set has arrived!

What makes a good tyre lever? Over the years we have used and abused dozens of different tyre levers. Long, short, curved, straight, spoon, steel, plastic, titanium – you name it, we have tried it. After performing over 2,000 tyre changes at racing events and observing even more tyre changes by others, we’ve built up a […]

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GrabCAD Winners: Portable Workbench Challenge

Since its very beginning, Rabaconda has involved as many people in the product development process as possible. When we received the idea to build a portable folding workbench, we instantly knew that this would be a perfect challenge for the GrabCAD Community. We are sincerely grateful for the time and effort all the participants put […]

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Rabaconda at the 2014 EWC in Finland

After two long days of racing in Finland, the 2014 Enduro World Championship passed its halfway mark. Rabaconda went to Heinola to witness how the fastest guys on the planet battle one of the toughest grounds and to support the teams with the fastest tyre changing stands. We also set up our booth to demo […]

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Looking for a challenge?

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Click here to read about the winning entries. Rabaconda and GrabCAD have launched a design challenge for a portable work bench concept. Everyone is invited to create and submit a functional design! Since its very beginning, Rabaconda has approached product development in a rather uncommon way. Our first product was based on a […]