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Rabaconda Rider Christophe Nambotin [Q&A]

In 2012, Christophe Nambotin made his childhood dream come true by becoming an Enduro World Champion. In an amazing season, with a round to spare, Nambotin conquered the E3 class. Since then, he has continued his winning streak with a double win in E3 in 2013 and in E1 in 2014. How did you get […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Matthew Phillips [Q&A]

The Aussie sensation Matthew Phillips started early, like most riders, at the age of 5. At only 20, he achieved the highest place on the 2013 EWC EJ podium, and the next year he won in the EWC E3 class. Along with Mathias Bellino, Matthew Phillips represents the future of enduro. How did you get started with […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Jamie McCanney [Q&A]

Enduro seems to run in the McCanney veins. Jamie McCanney started his dirt bike career pretty much like his brother Danny – with a small-wheeled motocross bike. Fast-forward a few years and it was no surprise to see the Manx rider become the EWC Youth Cup Champion in 2013. How did you get started in riding? It’s […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Cody Webb [Q&A]

Cody Webb was 19 when he bought his first dirt bike. He started with trials, and his first EnduroCross was on a trials bike. By then, he was hooked. Cody has being collecting titles and X Games medals, including 1st place in the 2010 AMA National Trials and 2014 Geico EnduroCross. How did you get started in […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Mathias Bellino [Q&A]

Mathias Bellino’s first contact with a bike was at the age of 4. It was a PW50 decorated with wheels! Since then he’s moved on to a bigger bike and became the EWC Enduro Junior champion in 2012. How did you get started in riding? Like a lot of riders! Because my parents were riding, but […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Albin Elowson [Q&A]

Like many riders, Swedish rider Albin Elowson started early at 3 years old on a Yamaha PW50. In 2013 and 2014, he finished in 2nd place in the EWC Youth Cup 125cc. How did you get started in riding? My brother put me on a Yamaha PW50 when I was 3 years old. What do […]


Rabaconda Rider Charlie Mullins [Q&A]

Charlie Mullins started to ride at the age of 4 on a PW50 to join his dad on the trails. “Hot Rod” grew up to become one of the fastest and most talented riders in the GNCC. In 2011, he won the GNCC and was chosen the GNCC Rider Of the Year. Check our Q&A with him below: […]

Enduro, Q&A

Rabaconda Rider Taylor Robert [Q&A]

Taylor Robert spent a great part of his youth on motocross tracks. He admits that he wasn’t always the fastest rider, but after lots of training and competitions he is now a top-five finisher in his class. Check out our Q&A with him below. How did you get started in riding? I started riding and […]

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Rider Bradley Cox [Q&A]

South African native Bradley Cox is a pro motocross racer currently competing in Europe. He has his dad to thank for winning him a bike and getting him started in riding. Check out our Q&A with him below. How did you get started in riding? In 2002, my dad (Alfie Cox) won me a KTM 50 […]


Rabaconda Rider Kailub Russell [Q&A]

Like many riders, Kailub got into racing through his dad. Growing up with a dad who was a rider has certainly inspired his career. One of his best riding moments was winning the GNCC aboard a 150cc two stroke in 2014. Check out our Q&A with Kailub below: How did you get started in riding? My dad […]