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You Are What You Eat – Performance Nutrition for Riders

As a rider, you’ll know that balancing your body weight and strength is key to optimising your performance. You need to maximise functional strength without carrying unnecessary weight – but getting your nutrition right pays off beyond this, too. Get your diet right, and hit the jackpot with better energy and stamina, enhanced mental clarity […]

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Rabaconda tire changer – from the box to the bag

The following story was sent to us by one of our wonderful clients in the US, who wanted to share his story about assembling the tire changer. *** Rabaconda tire changer – from the box to the bag Usually people buy stuff from shops or online, check the manuals and assemble their furniture, bikes etc. […]

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Preparing for a Race [CHECKLIST]

Pre-race nerves are not improved by arriving at the track to find you’re missing an essential spare or that there is damage to your bike that needs fixing. When you are preparing for a race, there are some core checks that should be carried out by every rider, no matter your level of experience. The […]

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Bead Seating Like a Pro

Many riders want to carry out general maintenance and smaller repairs on their own bikes. Experience in routine maintenance will help you grow more familiar with your own bike, and be able to spot the smallest wobble or issue at an early stage. One skill all riders should master is how to maintain tyres properly, […]

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The Rabaconda Hall of Fame

The 3-Minute Tire Changer we know today is the result of years of feedback and development. We wanted to introduce you to all the people who contributed their time and expertise to make it the best changer in the world and the choice of champions. In 1995, Kaj Ek (of the Finnish Motorcycle Association) asked Pertti Ahonen, […]

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The Main Causes and Solutions of DNF

Chalking up a DNF – to poor planning, mechanical failure, preventable punctures or sheer bad luck – can be gutting. After investing time, money and emotional energy in the preparation and buildup to an event, a DNF is expensive in more ways than one. Here we round up some of the main causes of DNF and throw […]

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Rider Bradley Cox [Q&A]

South African native Bradley Cox is a pro motocross racer currently competing in Europe. He has his dad to thank for winning him a bike and getting him started in riding. Check out our Q&A with him below. How did you get started in riding? In 2002, my dad (Alfie Cox) won me a KTM […]

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Who Uses Rabaconda?

Curious to know which pro riders use Rabaconda? Check ’em out: – Albin Elowson: Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Team. 2x Overall Swedish Champion. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. – Alfredo Gomez: Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing Team. 2011 Trial Junior World Champion. 5th overall in the 2015 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. – […]

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8 Dirt Bikes that Changed the World

The dirt bike you ride now is the result of over 40 years of trial and error. When motocross started as a sport, bikes were really nothing special. Riders had to modify their regular street bikes to what they wanted. Like with most sports, as it develops, so does the technology. Motocross is no exception. Bikes became more lightweight, yet […]