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Rabaconda Rider Taylor Robert [Q&A]

Taylor Robert has been riding dirt bikes since he was 3 years old. Until 2016 he competed in different motosport disciplines in the United States, but this season made a debut in the Enduro World Championship with KTM Enduro Factory Racing Team. How did you get started in dirt bike riding? My Father bought me […]

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Rabaconda riders ready for the Enduro World Championships

The 2016 Enduro World Championship kicks off this week in Agadir, Morocco and all the teams are currently finalizing their preparations for the new season which promises to be very exciting as many of the top guns have changed teams and one of the 2015 World Champions has even left the throne totally vacant. There […]

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Rabaconda Rider Jérémy Joly [Q&A]

Jérémy Joly won the 2011 Enduro Junior Championship. Since then he has been climbing through the senior ranks in EWC E3 and ISDE to become one of the top French riders. How did you get started in riding? My father and brother were riding… I started riding with them because I wanted to be like […]

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Rabaconda Rider Matti Seistola [Q&A]

Matti Seistola is a former motocross rider. He started to ride enduro in 2009. He has competed in the E2 and E1 classes, and currently competes in E3. How did you get started in riding? My dad used to ride when he was younger. So when me and my brother grew up little bit, he bought […]

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Rabaconda Rider Marko Tarkkala [Q&A]

Marko Tarkkala had his first competition in 1994 and turned pro in 2002. He competed in EWC for over a decade as well as in ISDE, being part of the winning Finnish Team in 2011. These days he is focusing on the Finnish Championship races. How did you get started in riding? My father bought […]

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Rabaconda Rider Antoine Méo [Q&A]

More than 20 years have passed since Antoine Méo started to ride. The Frenchman spent his early years on motocross and supercross tracks, until 2008 when he decided to change to enduro. Since then Méo has been collecting a lot of E1 and E2 titles. How did you get started in riding? In 1988 with a Honda […]

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Rabaconda Rider Christophe Nambotin [Q&A]

In 2012, Christophe Nambotin made his childhood dream come true by becoming an Enduro World Champion. In an amazing season, with a round to spare, Nambotin conquered the E3 class. Since then, he has continued his winning streak with a double win in E3 in 2013 and in E1 in 2014. How did you get […]

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Rabaconda Rider Matthew Phillips [Q&A]

The Aussie sensation Matthew Phillips started early, like most riders, at the age of 5. At only 20, he achieved the highest place on the 2013 EWC EJ podium, and the next year he won in the EWC E3 class. Along with Mathias Bellino, Matthew Phillips represents the future of enduro. How did you get started with […]

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Rabaconda Rider Jamie McCanney [Q&A]

Enduro seems to run in the McCanney veins. Jamie McCanney started his dirt bike career pretty much like his brother Danny – with a small-wheeled motocross bike. Fast-forward a few years and it was no surprise to see the Manx rider become the EWC Youth Cup Champion in 2013. How did you get started in riding? It’s […]

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Rabaconda Rider Cody Webb [Q&A]

Cody Webb was 19 when he bought his first dirt bike. He started with trials, and his first EnduroCross was on a trials bike. By then, he was hooked. Cody has being collecting titles and X Games medals, including 1st place in the 2010 AMA National Trials and 2014 Geico EnduroCross. How did you get started in […]