Pro Riders Vouch for Rabaconda

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Rider developed designs are at the heart of all we do here at Rabaconda. The reason our 3-Minute Mousse Changer is the best available is because of the contribution, feedback and ideas of a veritable riders’ hall of fame over the years. Naturally, we are always pumped to hear that riders all over the world have chosen to use Rabaconda.


We say that our 3-Minute Mousse Changer is the quickest and easiest way to change your mousse. But you don’t have to take our word for it.






Cody Webb – 2015 AMA Endurocross Champion

I chose the Rabaconda because I want my tire changing to be easy. Using the Rabaconda makes it effortless.


Cristóbal Guerrero – 2014 Spanish Enduro Champion E1

I use the Rabaconda because it’s easy, and I feel safe when I’m changing the tyres.


Marko Tarkkala – 2006 and 2011 ISDE E3 Champion

Rabaconda is reliable and easy to use.


Rudy Moroni – 2013 Italian Enduro Champion E1

Rabaconda is easy and fast!


Champions Finish in Under 3 Minutes


Thad Duvall – 2008 GNCC XC2 Champion

Because Rabaconda gets the job done fast and right.


Kailub Russell – 2015 AMA National Enduro Champion and GNCC XC1 Champion

I chose Rabaconda because it’s the fastest and easiest way to change tires!


Albin Elowson – 2013 Swedish Enduro Champion

All the features that the Rabaconda has makes it so much easier to change a mousse tyre in three minutes. That’s why the Rabaconda is the best available!


Built For Comfort (And For Speed)


Iván Cervantes – 4x EWC Champion

It is high, so you don’t have to force your weight. It is a very good machine for changing tyres.


Antoine Méo – 5x EWC Champion

The good working height makes changing tyres easy and comfortable!


Mathias Bellino – 2015 EWC E3 Champion

The lever is well-designed and practical as it allows the removal of the tyre in 30 seconds. The tyre comes out without the use of a hammer. Also the Rabaconda is high up, which is a plus when compared to machines that are low to the ground.


Makes Mousse Changing Effortless


Christophe Nambotin – 3x EWC Champion

It’s a good machine! You can change the bib mousse almost effortlessly!


Zach Osborne – 2010 British MX2 Champion

I choose Rabaconda because it takes so little effort! It makes changing tires at the end of a long day so much easier.


Charlie Mullins – 2013 AMA National Enduro Champion and 2011 GNCC XC1 Champion

Makes changing tires a breeze. Almost no effort and makes changing tires fun.


Easy to Carry


Juha Salminen – 13x World Champion

It works so easily and is really handy for changing tires, but the best thing is that it fits into a bag and is so compact.


Jérémy Joly – 2013 ISDE World Trophy Team Champion

Rabaconda is simply the best for changing my tires. I just need a small bag to put it inside, during training or time check, you can change your tyres very quickly.


Alfredo Gomez – Hard enduro multi champion

It makes it really fast and easy to change your tyres no matter where you are. The machine fits easily into your van.


Daniel McCanney – 2014 EWC EJ Champion

I chose Rabaconda because of the simplicity of carrying around the tyre changer and how much easier, faster and less effort it makes for changing tyres after a long day of riding.


Choose The Right Tools For The Job


Taylor Robert – 2014 AMA EnduroCross Champion

Because it is the best and most efficient product out there!


David Knight – 3x EWC Champion

I always use the best equipment available, and this is why I choose Rabaconda.


Jamie McCanney – 2015 EWC EJ Champion

It is the future of tyre changers!


Concentrate on The Right Things Come Race Day


Pela Renet – 2x EWC E2 Champion

Rabaconda is a great system, and also an easy one to use! It helps me a lot at the end of the race when I’m tired. It requires less effort and less time.


Matthew Phillips – 2014 EWC E3 Champion and 2013 EWC EJ Champion

I chose the Rabaconda because it’s really easy to use and to pack up and fit in the van. On a race day when you’re tired, the big lever helps to easily put the tyre levers in. It’s a great package and I’m glad to be using it.


Matti Seistola – 2011 ISDE Winner

Rabaconda is easy to use. The push lever is long enough to get a good push on the tyre so I don’t need to use lot of power to change it.


Eero Remes – 2015 EWC E1 Champion

It is really easy to use. You can change the front and rear tyres with same setup. When you dismount it, it goes into a small bag. Best tire changer!


Best. Comment. Ever.


Jesper Börjesson – 2014 SuperEnduro Junior Champion

Because I love it.


Rabaconda products are created by riders, for riders. Your feedback makes us what we are.
So now we want to know what YOU think. Share your feedback or testimonial below, or click here to send us a private message and don’t forget to sign up here to get all the latest seasonal tips from the Rabaconda team.

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