Rabaconda tire changer – from the box to the bag

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The following story was sent to us by one of our wonderful clients in the US, who wanted to share his story about assembling the tire changer.


Rabaconda tire changer – from the box to the bag

Usually people buy stuff from shops or online, check the manuals and assemble their furniture, bikes etc. As I ordered the Rabaconda bib mousse tire changer, a nifty and well thought-out tool from what I can gather from photos and videos, I decided to share my experience of assembling this cool machine.

The day finally arrived when my Rabaconda tire changer was delivered in a brown delivery truck. As my garage is still in the process of being renovated, but the urge to see the tool in action being much too strong to resist, I decided to assemble it in my kitchen.


When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was a bag. Underneath it was the assembly manual, a small leaflet about mousse tires with care instructions, useful tips etc. as well as some nice stickers. The parts are very well packed, so they cannot get scratched during transport – unlike other deliveries that come from Asia and usually arrive damaged.

To get a better idea of what my next steps was to be, I laid all the different parts on the floor, quickly checked the assembly leaflet and I was set to go. One smart trick is to get all the necessary tools ready, so you won’t waste time assembling your tire changer.


In the leaflet, the first step is to connect the quick release bolts to the wheel supporters, but I decided to first fit the plastic caps (which are packed in a small cardboard box) to the feet of the changer simply to get those plastic bits out of my way! After that I connected the bolts to the feet. You should definitely follow Rabaconda people’s suggestion to open each bolt 1,5 turns after you have fully locked them. If it is not loose enough, the supports won’t go into the feet and if they are too loose, the supporters won’t be fitted strongly enough.


After the bolts were fitted, I connected the feet and then I attached the supporters to them so that they wouldn’t hinder my progress by laying on the floor. I then attached the bead breaker lever to it. And finally the kit was placed onto the special wheel supporter. As the feet and supporters were already assembled, fitting the rest of the kit was easy as it was already raised up high and therefore I didn’t need to kneel on the floor which is a real a pain for a former basketball player with weak knees. Ha-ha!


The final task was to fit the plastic (yes, in the same cardboard box) handle tube inserts and glue the grip sticker around the bead breaker handle. That was a bit tricky since the tape has 3 sections separated with small gaps and you want to glue it so that the gaps are horizontal but then you have an overlap of the tape and that doesn’t look right. With the gaps running vertically – no problems! One smart trick is to take a painters tape, wrap it around the grip sticker and leave it overnight. Then the grip sticker which is quite thick, can take the new shape without ripping the glue off the grip sticker.


And I was done! Easy, no sweat just under 20 minutes including a small trip to the garage to get my toolbox.


And now off to change some tires! But before that I’ll unlock the wheel supporters, then ponder how best to fit it all back in the heavy duty bag. It took a bit of time but was quite easy in the end. Like changing a dirt bike tire with this cool machine…


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by rauno