Rabaconda - About us

If you have been riding dirt bikes, you certainly have used, abused and been dissapointed by many tools. You've also seen lot's of people come up with awesome ideas, that you'd love to use, but which fail to become products because there is no one to help them turn passion into hardware. You can change this. Welcome to Rabaconda!

Rabaconda is the game changing global web-community, offering dirt bikers an opportunity to turn ideas into tools, accessories and riding gear. Ideas submitted by riders will be publicly developed by the Rabaconda community. Rabaconda organizes the sourcing and production and the result is made available for the whole off-road public. Share your ideas and become part of the community of smart and practical gadget and toolmakers!


This new approach of how dirt bike products are made takes 3 steps:

1. IDEA - Pitch your idea and start something big, that everyone will use and the whole scene will talk about. Take the first step and share your idea for a gadget, tool, problem or vision at Rabaconda.com

2. DEVELOP – Contribute your ideas and know-how in the development process. The wide variety of skills of Rabaconda members makes it possible for great new products to emerge. Engineering, design and testing are all carried out using Rabaconda crowdsourcing techniques.

3. SHOP – Rabaconda makes the new product globally available for all riders through its distribution network and e-shop.















Informative declaration: During the period of 28th of May 2012 to 27th of May 2013 Rabaconda OÜ has been supported by Enterprise Estonia's Start-up and Growth Program to carry out marketing and branding activities.