Who we are

In 2011 Reijo Kivelä from the Finnish Motorcycling Federation approached Jakob Saks, and asked if he could find someone to manufacture their existing mousse changer in Estonia. It took about 6 months of convincing until Jakob finally actually looked at it. Once he saw it, he also invited his riding buddy, Tõnu Kallast, to look at it. Together they decided not only to find a manufacturer in Estonia, but to make the mousse changer way better than the original design. A year and half later it was tried and tested at the International Six Days of Enduro in Germany by the Finnish Trophy Team. They loved it.  
Jakob and Tõnu started to get all kinds of product ideas from their dirt bike friends. So they decided to start a company of making innovative motorsport products. A company that helps dirt bike fans turn their ideas into reality and make them available for the whole community. A company that makes a difference in the world of off-road motorsports.

So who are Jakob and Tõnu?

Tõnu Kallast
Tõnu is the engineer behind Rabaconda products. He is responsible for product development, manufacturing, quality control and after service. He’s been riding motocross and enduro bikes since earliest childhood. He is 5 time Estonian and Baltic champion and three time member of Estonian Trophy Team on the International Six Days of Enduro. He has a master’s degree in production engineering from the Estonian University of Life Sciences.


Jakob Saks
Jakob is responsible for sales and marketing. He is seasoned entrepreneur and most of his professional life he’s been involved in export businesses. He’s a dedicated enduro rider since 2006, with many podium places on the amateur level under his belt and a member of the Enduro Commission of the Estonian Motorcycling Federation. He has a master’s degree in international business from the Copenhagen Business School.