Street Bike Tyre Changer


Good news! To enhance your tire changer experience, we have now included the 15mm Center Spindle Kit and Drop Center Tools (2pcs) with the Street bike tire changer.

Regularly switching between street tires and slicks? Fed up with regular trips to the dealership?

Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer (Patent Pending) is the answer to your prayers: with this nifty tool, you’ll be able to throw on a fresh set of tires faster than it takes to get to the nearest tire shop. Fast, easy, and efficient tire changes – now.

The Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer is designed for both cast and forged as well as for wire-spoked wheels, offering extra rim protection. It can even be used on dirt bike tires with rim locks as long as you aren't running a mousse insert setup.  It’s adaptable to wheel sizes between 12-21", has great ergonomics at low weight, and is perfect for both single and double-sided swingarms. With Rabaconda, you can swap out your own tires in no time whether you’re riding street or hitting the track.

Please check below for needed adapters or accessories to make it work with your bike. Please note that the mat is not included in the kit.

IMPORTANT! We recommend measuring your bikes hub sizes before buying an adapter or spindle.

(European Patent Pending No. P9524EPPC01)

User Manual

  • Change your own motorcycle tires in just a few minutes
  • Do it wherever and whenever you want
  • Unique wheel angle offers handy operating position
  • Plastic mounting head reduces the risk of scratching the rim with tire levers
  • All parts that go in contact with the rim and tire are covered with plastic to reduce risk of damage
  • Easy to carry and can be set up within seconds
  • Very easily adapted to different wheel sizes
  • Innovative frame design with unmatched stability at very low weight
  • No busted knuckles, swearing, and working on the floor
  • Lightweight & easily portable design
  • Plastic mounting head for scratch-free tire changes
  • Long lever for breaking even the toughest beads
  • Wide legs stance for great stability
  • Compact carry bag for compact storage
  • Oval shaped operating handle with good grip
  • Tire iron with protective cover included
  • Premium quality product backed by a lifetime warranty. Made in EU.

What about the tire iron?
You're covered! After testing out a number of different shapes and lengths of tire irons, we've found the best one to accompany this tire changer. The tire iron is included in the bag, so you can just roll up the sleeves. To provide maximum protection for your rims, we have even included a protective cover for the tire iron. 

Need to remove brake disc/rotor?
No, you do not need to remove the rotors. The rim supports below the rim are adjustable, so you can slide them as wide as needed to accommodate any size brake disc. 

Does it balance the wheel?
No, but we just launched the Rabaconda Motorcycle Wheel Balancer, including a wall mount bracket. Check it out!

Does it work on single-side swingarms?
Yes, we have special adapters available as optional accessories. Our goal is to offer accessories for the tire changer so you can use it for all makes and models of bikes. It is easy with double-sided swing arms - the tire changer comes with a stepped spacer that aligns the wheel on the center spindle. Single-sided swingarm wheels vary between different bike models and need a different approach. We have suitable adapters for most common wheel types in our range of optional accessories. 

What’s the smallest axle diameter?
The standard spindle together with a stepped busher works with 20-32mm wheel hubs. For motorcycles with smaller wheel hub than 20mm, we have a 15mm Spindle Kit that consists of a 15mm spindle, 18mm wheel hub adapter and an adapter for the duck head ratchet system. 

Does it work with spoked wheels?
The Street Bike Tire Changer is designed predominantly for cast wheels, but it also works on wire-spoked wheels. In case of spoked wheels, instead of the metal pin to lock the wheel from spinning, a strap (included with tire changer) through the spokes should be used. However, proper cautiousness is always needed as using excessive force can still damage a spoke. 

Can I change dirt bike tires with it?
The rim lock makes changing tires with a duck head more struggle. It is way easier with tire irons and a Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer. 

Can it be used with mousses inserts?
No. Nein. Nej. Non. Nie. Het. You can't use a duck head to change tires with bib mousse inserts. Instead, use tire irons and a Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer. 

What if I don’t have the right adapter?
If the free play gets over 4-5 mm between the hub and the adapter, reach out to us, give us the exact dimension of your hub (motorcycle make, model, year, photo or video of the hub), and we will consider making a custom adapter - plus add it to our product range. 

What if I use very stiff sidewall tires?
Changing stiff sidewall tires (like Bridgestone Battlax and similar) will require more time, patience, extra care, drop center clamps, and skills. Do not use excessive force and take your time to develop proper technique. 

Can it be used on carbon fiber wheels?
Changing a carbon fiber wheel with the Street Bike Tire Changer is possible, but it takes especially careful approach and some technique on bead breaking and mounting/dismounting to avoid damage, and we strongly advise practicing on an old wheel first. Never use levers or similar tools as they can cause rim damage, and never use excessive force. Rabaconda is not liable for damaged rims or spokes on carbon, mag, cast or spoked wheels.

  • Works on 12-21” wheels and on tires up to 250mm wide
  • Wheel hub diameters: 15-32mm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Carry-bag dimensions: 70 x 28 x 25 cm
  • Materials: galvanized steel frame, plastic mounting head, wheel supports and bead breaker cover
  • 16" Tire iron with protective cover included
  • Special adaptors for single sided swingarm models available (Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Honda, etc). SOLD SEPARATELY!
  • IMPORTANT: standard duck head is not suitable for cross-spoked rims! Wider DUCK HEAD for cross-spoked wheels available (like on modern BMW GS, Triumph Scrambler, Triumph Tiger, newer Honda Africa Twins, Ducati Multistrada, Moto Guzzi V85, etc.) SOLD SEPARATELY!

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